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  We brought our farm in 2006, from another family who owned it since just after the first world war. We have kept as much of the traditional working as we can and have kept all the old field names the same. We are not officially an organic farm, but we do not buy in any fertiliser and we do our best to ensure that our animals have a nice life and are humanely slaughtered at a slaughter house close to us so they do not have to travel far. We sell the bulk of our produce locally. We have four small children ourselves and want to do what we can to help preserve the planet for everyone’s children and future children.

Abby grew up on Little Arthur Farm, St Martins in the Isles of Scilly. We can recommend her parents farm cafe and her fisherman brother’s fish and chip nights if you ever have a chance to visit this beautiful island. Steve has worked on farms and has knowledge of rearing and looking after animals Our aim is to produce quality products that tastes good, so that you will return to us again. Our buffalo are reared on grass and we make our own haylage to feed in winter. We buy in fodder beat for them as well from a local farm and buy in wheat, barley and peas for our other animals from another local farm, so we know what we are feeding to our stock.


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